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Navegación de altura 2023


Mallorca does not cease to amaze you with every nook you visit, it is known for its crystalline beaches which offers infinity activities, not only during the summer, but also in other seasons thanks to its climate in spring and autumn which give us more than one day of clear skies to organize activities that take us into the sea.

Many ports confirm the island firmament, but we can certainly boast of being situated in one of the most charmy and beautiful port of the Mediterranean, the Port de Andratx, where locals and fishermen, who bring us every day the freshest fish, with the visit of the most select tourists during the warmer months.

The port is located at the end of the Sierra de Tramontana in the west coast, for that reason it is a great refuge for many boats that come from sailing after the Sierra, because the wind does not blow strongly in the interior and the sea is constantly calmed, creating a wonderful contrast between the blue of the sea and the green of the surrounding mountains.

A natural landscape that is undoubtedly loved and cared by all those who have ever had the pleasure of knowing it once in their lives.


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