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Offshore sailing 2023

Offshore sailing

From the seafaring tradition is born the project offshore sailing - charter. The love and passion for the sea lead us to the most coveted dream of a life on the Mediterranean coast. Discovering the world and cultures as our ancestors did, discovering nature and the whole habitat of its marine environment. 

The possibility to get on board in the most attractive spot of our land for you. Joyful and safe navigation on a special boat for the occasion. 


The team consists of Simone Ceipek and Juan Clar. Both have worked together for several years as skipper and stewardess aboard the Cridamar (20m luxury motor yacht) for clients from any sector for short and long periods. More than 30 years of renting, selling, transporting boats and experience in local and ocean racing, definitely speak for an experienced and professional company.


The Cigale 16 'Sargantal Zulu' from the Alubat shipyard is a sailing boat built in aluminium with special reinforcements in its hull, as well as a high resistance rigging with oversized dimensions. Designed for ocean or offshore crossings with guaranteed navigation in the most adverse conditions. 

Equipped with 3 double cabins and 2 bathrooms, it can comfortably accommodate 6 to 10 passengers (the idea is for a maximum of 6/7 crew members). Without being a boat designed for racing, it can be sailed happily as a good racing prototype and surf in suitable conditions. The aluminium construction allows for emergency repairs to the hull with a high chance of making it to port for repairs. The 2.40m draught and a foresail allows to go upwind in winds of more than 30 knots. The beam and the wide stern facilitate and accelerate the navigation in strong winds. 

In short, safe and comfortable sailing in all conditions, in fact the homologation allows sailing in waves of up to 7 metres. 

The equipment: watermaker, generator, solar panels, high-frequency communication, comfortable accommodation and various sail options make the Sargantal Zulu an incredible sailing yacht, that even the most demanding sailors are bubbling with enthusiasm. 


  1. Palma - Lanzarote
  2. Lanzarote – Guinea-Bisáu
  3. Guinea-Bisáu – Cape Verde
  4. Cape Verde – Caribbean
  5. Caribbean – Colombia
  6. Colombia - Venezuela
  7. Venezuela – Brazil
  8. Brasil – Argentina
  9. Argentina – Cape Horn
  10. Cape Horn – Chiloé Island
  11. Chiloé Island – Juan Fernández Islands
  12. Juan Fernández Islands – Desventuradas Islands
  13. Desventuradas Islands - Easter Island
  14. Easter Island - Galápagos
  15. Galápagos - New Zealand
  16. New Zealand - Tasmania
  17. Tasmania - Sydney
  18. Sydney - Brisbane
  19. Brisbane - Rockhampton
  20. Rockhampton - Cairns
  21. Cairns - New Guinea
  22. New Guinea - Darwin
  23. Darwin - Singapur (Malaysia)
  24. Singapur - Banda Aceh
  25. Banda Aceh - Srí Lanka
  26. Srí Lanka - Seychelles
  27. Seychelles - Antseranana (Madagascar)
  28. Antseranana - Tamatave
  29. Tamatave - Mauritius 
  30. Mauritius - Rennton 
  31. Rennton - Tolanaro
  32. Tolanaro - Richards Bay
  33. Richards Bay - Maputo
  34. Maputo – Beira – Mozambique - Comodoros
  35. Comodoros - Dar Es Salam (Zanzibar)
  36. Zanzibar - Pemba
  37. Pemba - Mombasa
  38. Mombasa - Seychelles
  39. Seychelles - Djibouti
  40. Djibouti - Massawa
  41. Massawa - Port Sudan
  42. Port Sudan - Yanbu
  43. Yanbu - Hurghada
  44. Hurghada - Suez Canal
  45. Suez - Cyprus
  46. Cyprus - Kreta
  47. Kreta – Greece
  48. Greece - Palma

*This itinerary is subject to changes

Rates and bookings


Cruise: 200€ day - 1.200€ week

Coast: 300€ day - 1.800€ week

(Guards, maintenance and cleaning (kitchen...))


Cruise: 300€ day - 1.800€ week

Coast: 350€ day - 2.100€ week

(Breakfast, cleaning and voluntary guards)


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