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Offshore sailing 2023

29 October, 2020| News

We are still enjoying the best sunsets of the year with our clients.

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13 October, 2020| News

We always see dreamy sunsets on board

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2 October, 2020| News

We can still enjoy sunny days, crystal clear waters and baths in the sea.

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28 September, 2020| News

Princess V40 sold for the 2nd time, our customers always come back.

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23 September, 2020| News

It doesn’t seem real but our clients are seeing it right now.

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14 September, 2020| News

We have achieved it, we have arrived after 6 days of crossing and many stories to tell.

10 September, 2020| News

From Mallorca (Balearic Islands) to Tenerife (Canary Islands) trip of 1,300 miles.

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1 September, 2020| News
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25 August, 2020| News

When spaces are reduced we dare but our clients are amazed. We love to see them enjoying.

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20 August, 2020| News

Available for the season! Don’t miss the opportunity to spend a fantastic day on this boat.

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