9 April, 2020| News

Take care, we will soon be on board.

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12 March, 2020| News

Our most beloved boat is going to the Canary Islands

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14 February, 2020| News

In winter we also sail. Find a nice day and let us know.  

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4 February, 2020| News

Our Princess 480 moored in Sant Elm to enjoy an excellent meal after a sunny day of sailing.

27 January, 2020| News

We start the year selling our fantastic RODMAN 30 that goes to Asturias

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20 December, 2019| News

We are going on vacation but we remain attentive to the possible gifts that this Christmas sails.

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18 December, 2019| News

We can also sell new boats such as the Bayliner 742 Cuddy that goes to Barcelona.

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12 December, 2019| News

We have sold our Rio 850 Daycruiser that we have to deliver in Malaga.

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5 December, 2019| News

These dates are very special and we do not want to stop congratulating all those who place their trust in us every year.

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15 November, 2019| News
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